Table 2

Multivariate Models Testing the Association Between Use of Epinephrine and Good Neurological Outcome

Odds Ratio95% Confidence Intervalp Value
Crude association0.140.10–0.17<0.001
Standard logistic regression0.320.22–0.47<0.001
Adjustment on PS0.350.24–0.50<0.001
Cross-matching PS0.330.19–0.58<0.001
Probability of PS
IPTW PS0.180.13–0.27<0.001
SMR PS0.180.13–0.26<0.001
Year of inclusion
 Before or in 20050.380.21–0.700.002
 After 20050.290.18–0.47<0.001

Abbreviations as in Table 1. IPTW = inverse probability of treatment weighting; PS = propensity score; SMR = standard mortality ratio.

  • Adjusted according to baseline characteristics (age, sex, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, smoking, witnessed status, bystander CPR, length of resuscitation) and hospital covariates (i.e., PCI, hypothermia, post–cardiac arrest shock, blood lactate level).

  • Adjusted on propensity score and hospital covariates.

  • Adjusted on hospital covariates.